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About us

Katema Tec GmbH was founded by Gatema PCB a.s. in order to expand the market in the DACH region and in the CEE countries in the area of series production. Gatema with almost 30 years of experience in the field of sample production and with many years of experience in the field of assembly and trading of PCB´s from Asia can thus bring a high level of knowledge to the company. We know exactly how high the requirements of customers have become in the last years and we can implement them accordingly at the individual production locations. We believe that a good customer-supplier relationship is still the top priority and we want to achieve this through the best service, quality, speed and, above all, constant personal contact with our customers.


We want to be the partner for our customers for samples and series products, because not only we offer outstanding prices, but we also excel at quality, customer focus and, above all, flexibility and customer orientation.

Why Katema Tec

Katema Tec provides its customers with a full carefree package. This means that we receive a data package, check it accordingly, can adapt it if necessary and then deliver a finished product, produced by qualified suppliers.

The complete supplier qualification is carried out by us and you can be sure to get the quality that you want.


Products and services

Express sample production from Europe

Via Gatema PCB in the Czech Republic we can offer samples within one working day excluding transportation. The actual delivery time is, obviously, dependent on the technology.

Samples and series production from Asia

In Asia, we have qualified the appropriate supplier for our every batch size as well as for every technology type. This enables us to offer samples from Asian sample suppliers but also from the respective series suppliers very quickly.

The mass production manufacturers were classified by us according to the technologies they are able to produce. When making an inquiry, we pre-select which supplier is ultimately best suited for the technology and quantity.


  • Max. Length of PCB that can be manufactured by us is 1490 mm
  • Specially qualified white solder resist for the LED market
  • Special partners for flex, rigid flex, HF boards and test boards
  • Our data preparation works 24/5


What do we mean with quality?

  • Each of our suppliers must have appropriate certifications.
  • Before we place orders with a supplier, we must visit them and check them accordingly.
  • There is always the possibility of an additional test with us in Europe, by Gatema PCB. All necessary test machineries are available there.
  • If there should be a quality problem, we have of course taken out appropriate insurance.

Possibilities for testing

  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • E-Test
  • Visual check
  • Test coupon
  • Microsections
  • Sampling control of the individual deliveries in Europe


Katema Tec GmbH
Mariahilfer Straße 123/3
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VAT no.: ATU75733208
Company registration no.: FN536325p
EORI: ATEOS1000106656

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